Company Profile
Manidhari An ISO 9001 : 2008 company is country's finest source for a phenomenal range of technologically advanced speciality cables. All the products are developed as per international standards and customized to provide need-based solutions for various industries at home and abroad. Our competitive edge lies in product innovation, superior quality and easy availability.

Our philosophy is simple: we will deliver, whatever required, where required, when required to the best of our abilities.

We strive hard to produce quality products and continuous R&D efforts help us to keep ahead of the curve.

We do not compromise on matters of ethics and believe that relationships are more important than mere transactions.

The company's leadership position is a result of a consistent management strategy, which focuses on product innovation, product diversity, geographical reach and product integration. We are committed to providing value added and customized solution to meet specific customer requirements.

Our customers play a major role in our success, as we collaborate with them closely to evolve and develop products that are in line with their changing needs.

Our Network

With the tradition of over three decades, to satisfy all our customers' requirements, from an immediate demand to integrate Cable Management promptly, efficiently & competently.Manidhari Cables specializes in combining material availability with expertise to develop the most cost effective cables and wires in order to meet the highly competitive market.

Manidhari has the ability to dispatch material and to ensure that the immediate & ongoing needs of the clients are met NATION WIDE. With an unrivalled track record for long-term support, excellent service and dedication to quality, the company has been rated as the first certain choice for wires and cables by many loyal buyers in the market.

Systematized steps and precise action planning has been undertaken to ascertain and meet the growing needs of their consumers over the past few years.

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